Grammar Essentials

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Course Overview:

In this course, we will learn how words work alone and together in predictable ways to express meaning. We will explore how subjects and verbs create clauses and join other structures to form sentences and how knowing the patterns of English can help writers avoid and correct common errors. We will learn how punctuation marks act as a written code to aid understanding and how paragraphs and essays present ideas and evidence on a larger scale and in a variety of ways through the process of composition. To reinforce these concepts, this course focuses less on “rules” and more on the skills and structures that successful writers use to communicate.

After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Identify commonly confused words.
  • Identify the eight parts of speech.
  • Demonstrate the appropriate use of contractions and possessives. 
  • Demonstrate the appropriate use of English grammar including adverbs, adjectives, periods, question marks, exclamation points, semicolons, and commas. 
  • Write complete sentences, avoiding fragments and run-ons. 
  • Write sentences with appropriate subject-verb agreement and sentence structure.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Word Use

In this lesson, we will learn how words work alone and together in predictable ways to express meaning. To accomplish this, we will look at commonly confused words, how to consult a dictionary and the eight parts of speech.

Lesson 2: Sentence Structure

In this lesson, we will learn how sentences are built and how words combine to form clauses and phrases. We will explore the formation of complete sentences, including avoiding run-ons and fragments. The use of regular and irregular verbs will also be reviewed.

Lesson 3: Punctuation

In this lesson, we will learn how punctuation is a code that works with the words and sentence structure we've learned about in lessons 1 and 2 to clarify meaning. Here we will focus on commas, periods, exclamation points, and all common punctuation.

Lesson 4: Writing

In this lesson, we will learn paragraphs and essays come together from a combination of sentences, in the same way that sentences come together as combinations of words and punctuation. We will look at the structure of writing, and how paragraphs are formed. We will also explore writing styles and organizing writing.

All necessary materials are included.

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